Technical Expertise

Software Development | Testing
Remediation | Due Diligence

Technical Expertise

Software Testing

A third-party verification team is essential for ensuring complete independence from your company's development team. We develop and execute your project's Verification Plan to the letter with full support for state-of-the-art testing tools such as:

  • LDRA™
  • Cantata™
  • Parasoft™
  • LabVIEW™


Our diverse skill sets and techniques combined with our knowledge of required processes and tools allow us to execute remediation projects in the most efficient manner. Our experience and expertise give you the best chance to bring your product’s Design History File (DHF) or Technical File (TF) up to standard effectively and without worry.


CriTech uses the latest methods and most advanced software packages to develop requirements. Our methods include structured analysis (SA) and object-oriented analysis (OOA), such as UML. We primarily use DOORs for requirements development and have experience with other requirements tools, such as:

  • DOORS™
  • RequisitePro™
  • Rational Rose™


Our team is familiar with both state- and event-driven architectures. We have developed applications for Windows™, UNIX™, Linux™, and Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS). Our designers use numerous CASE tools, supporting both structured and object-oriented design. We are also experts in real-time applications and have considerable graphical user interface (GUI) expertise in .NET (full, compact, and micro frameworks), Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual C#, Java, and PEG.

We are able to perform fault tree analysis (FTA) for software risk (hazards). Our team includes experts in database design with experience using Oracle™, SQL Server™, MySQL™, and MS Access™. We also have significant communications protocol experience, including controller area network (CAN), Ethernet, Bluetooth, TCP/IP, DeviceNet, and proprietary networks. CriTech has developed numerous mobile medical applications for systems including Apple's iOS and Google's Android.

Source Coding

We support many popular high-level target languages and have coding standards in place for each of the development languages we support. Our team works with a variety of target microcontrollers, including ARM, NEC, TI, Microchip, and Freescale as well as Intel™ x86, xScale, & Pentium controllers.